The minimalist design of Cross Pattaya Oceanphere lets guests appreciate the simplicity of life on the coast, while taking in the comfort and beauty of the natural environment surrounding the resort. With its blend of modern comfort and smoothly understated decorative style, every room on the property accentuates the light and clean holiday touch embodied by Cross Hotels and Resorts.

Floor-to-ceiling windows look out over views of nature, bringing guests closer to the charms of the Pattaya coastline. Open-air walkways and swimming areas are perfect for enjoying the changing colors of the sky, with miraculous golden sunsets in full view.

With its relaxed simplicity, the design of Cross Pattaya Oceanphere is ideal for enjoying a quiet, private experience away from the crowds. Guests at Cross Hotels and Resorts can feel free, settle into luxurious living – and above all, escape into a unique and unpretentious world where time slows down and genuine freedom is around every corner.